About me

I am passionate about writing and helping others turn their business ideas into persuasive words. The written communication of your business is key to gaining and maintaining new customers, as this is your first point of contact with them. Whether you’re struggling to capture the essence of your business in words, stuck in the rut of a writer’s block, or you just need to tie up those finishing details, my copywriting services are here to guide you along the way.

Working with SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and businesses local to the North West allows me to truly connect with my clients and learn exactly what their business is about. I love chatting with people who are passionate about their products and services, as this allows me to represent their brand in the best way possible.

Relevant experience:
– Copywriting, Digital Marketing, and videography for SMEs
– Published in The Sunday Times
– Interviewed Ryan Heath, POLITICOEurope Editor,
– Interviewed Joanna Maycock, European Women’s Lobby
– Interviewed Fabian Zuleeg, European Policy Centre
– News Editor for local, campus newspaper: ExeposĂ©
– Investigative Research for GreenpeaceUK

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and we can work the wording out together.