If you want to get your business message across to people who land on your website in a more persuasive way, then I can help you. Whether you’ve only just started your business, or you’ve been around for a while and you’re struggling with leads and sales, your business can benefit with my focused copywriting and marketing skills. When discussing your business’ goals and content objectives with you, I’ll be able to adjust my writing and tone to fit your business.

Having an online platform for your business is vital in today’s commercial economy and I will make sure that your website, blog, and social media platforms have the right words for the right target audience. Your ideal customer might be waiting for you to pop up on their screen and I want to give your business the exposure it deserves by using the most effective words to engage with your readership.

Copywriting Services

Marketing & Social Media Management Services

How it works:

Step 1: Your Pitch

Step 1: Your Pitch
After hearing what you want and listening to your business goals, we’ll come up with a content marketing plan together, depending on what bespoke solution will work best for your business.

Step 2: Your Brand

Step 2: Your Brand
We’ll establish what tone of voice best represents your brand, based on the industry that you’re in and who your target audience is. This is a key step before I start working with you, as I understand that every business is different and unique in what they offer.

Step 3: Writing it out

Step 3: Writing it out
All my content marketing is bespoke and personalised for your business and your specific requirements. Whether it’s website copy, a blog post, marketing emails, or social media management- all my services are catered for your business and marketing strategy.

Step 4: Building a relationship

Step 4: Building a Relationship
I want to build strong levels of communication with all my clients to ensure that their business continues to grow in the best way possible. Whilst working with you, I want to get to know your company, the products and services you provide, and what your in-house team is like. This helps me better understand what your business needs now and in the long-run.

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